This place has been fallow for a while.

Let’s be honest, I’ve been fallow for a while.

But, as happens, things change. I find that I’ve had a lot more energy to be excited about the work I do and the things I care about. (And been able to really feel the joy of the reality that the work I do and the things I care about are very often the same.)

So, no promises—to myself, or others—but I’m going to try to give myself this space as a place to wonder again. About ministry, yes. About technology, yes. About the weird and wonderful work and process of being a professional amateur in community building, mission work, and creative art, action, and writing.

I’m sure from time to time it may seem like I’m only talking about one of those things… and that may or may not be interesting. But… we’ll see.


Some Writing Exercises

I feel like publishing some of the little scraps I’ve been writing for my preaching class. The images aren’t really developed at all, but that’s because we have to write every day we have class, and we’re always limited to one page (double spaced!)… which is a good thing. I’m really feeling good about this part of my life right now, and all of the cobwebs are beginning to clear out in my creative endeavors.

Well, so, I’ll try.

In the spirit of doing my best, I’m going to try and discuss some of the ordination process I’m entering into, as well as talking about technology and education while I finish out my time teaching. I’m pretty awful with biographical fodder, especially on a daily schedule, but hey, I’m trying.