Dress up.

Agenda: Coffee. Wrap. Get fancy. Worship.

4pm: I hear our camel has had some work done. No idea what sort of 0-60 times you can get with him now.

7:30: All angels all the time. Be not afraid.

The really good news: reminders that the most holy thing beyond what we could imagine came to live in us and with us and the shine of THAT will never go out. So you have a part in it too… drink that coffee, wrap all the things, fancy up what you feel like sparkling… but know that the great joy has already arrived in you as well, whether you be angel or camel, surprising or surprised mom as or poppas, shivering field workers, or just ones wise enough to hush the whole wide world and walk towards wonder. You are a gift in which again “God surprises earth with heaven.” Glory to God in the highest, and if you need to, dump the tinsel.

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