False Start Apologies

Yet again, I’ve fallen off from the use of this blog for a while. The updated news:

•Sarah and I were married on June 8th. This was an amazing event that was fulfilling spiritually as well as emotionally. We spent a lot of time thinking about the way our faith traditions treat marriage, the sacramentality of the event itself, and who we see ourselves to be as a couple. Most moving part of the ceremony: Fr. Dzeiglewicz’s whispered hello to us as Sarah arrived at the end of the aisle. He basically said: “This moment has been ordained since each of your births. Your lives have been journeys leading to today… Enjoy.”

* We’re about to venture off to France for 2 weeks, and then England for a week for our belated honeymoon. I’m very nervous about sticking out. (I like to travel by trying to blend in and simply be “one of the locals.” I love knowing what other people’s daily lives are like.) However, since French is definitely not a comfortable language for me, I will have to rely on the kindness and patience of strangers for the time in France. Sarah is super excited about seeing everything and is laughingly dealing with my curmudgeon side. As my dad mentioned, until the second I actually arrive somewhere, I never want to go anywhere.

• In September, I start my tour of duty as a student pastor / intern at the First Congregational Church of Danbury. My supervisor is a super capable lady who has a lot of the same interests I do in terms of how congregations join in telling their own story, and join in the story of the surrounding community.

Anyway, I’m going to try and be better at using this blog: to document travels, internship reflections, to talk about music like I promised, and just to reflect more of my personal life, since trying to hold myself to ministry topics can sometimes be overwhelming during the academic year, and starts to feel just like another assignment.

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