Procrastination. And I’m done.

Largely I worked for a good sweet while talking about the psychology of procrastination as I’m feeling it right now for a while. Then I went ahead and killed my draft in a pretty spectacular fashion. I’m here in Texas, FINALLY! Sarah still has classes, so during the day I’m somewhat a prisoner of this hotel-like tower that she calls home. Nonetheless, I’ve gotten an almost historical minimum of work done in the past two days, mainly driven by the fear of coming off like an idiot, bringing shame upon my family and loved ones, and having to go into remedial theology of some sort. (I wonder what that would look like…) Anyway, so today I call upon my patron saints of productive thought and writing: Anne Lamont, whose “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life” should be required reading for all people who think that want pursue anything beyond data entry in the world, and so, will have to occasionally write down ideas in a way that is compelling and coherent. (It should be noted that I have often pursued employment in the data entry constellation of jobs, and far from turning my nose up at it, find that group of workers to be some of the most focused, zen, and altogether creative people I know. I’m a man of the people, don’cha know.) Also, Merlin Mann, whose site, 43folders, gives me hope that I will some day be a productive member of society, with some bare minimum amount of organization surrounding my life.

Here’s Texas, as I know it, so far:

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