Deacons Again

So, despite all the above multi-denominational stuff I posted about before, and the theoretical definition from J.E., what are the deacons to me at this point? The way I was convinced to join was with the tag line: “The Deacons are the committee charged with overseeing the spiritual life of the church.”

For me, that’s a big draw.

Now, you might notice that the above statement is pretty broad. You would be right. Because it’s a church, there’s not much that doesn’t fall under the spiritual life of the congregation. Sometimes it seems like the Trustees have it easy; they’re just in charge of the building and plant of the church. (anyone who’s ever had to manage a physical building just either laughed or gritted their teeth hard. It’s OK folks, now just imagine doing it by committee…) The deacons get all the things that happen in the church. That’s not true of course, but in several places it’s much more clearly defined. (Music, anyone?)

In our church, this has led to a little bit of responsibility bloat for our board of deacons. Since Christian hospitality aids the sense of spiritual communion, the organizing of any and all congregational soirées crept onto the radar. Obviously, the deacons have a call to assist the pastor and staff in the preparation, organization, and performance of worship. And… since bringing up new leaders in the church helps define the spiritual future for the congregation, the deacons are tasked with overseeing the In-Care candidates associated with The Church of the Redeemer.

Which, hopefully, will be me.

So… I have to leave the deacons.

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